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2/5: Sycamore Row

Sycamore Row - John Grisham

Jack Brigance – the main character of Grisham's own A Time to Kill – is back in court three years after that trial, this time with a will written under odd circumstances.

One of the great strengths of Grisham's books is his ability to take something as dull as a disputed will and spin it for five hundred pages so you don't lose interest. His set-up is strong and the main characters well developed and believable. His main characters, that is; the opponents aren't much more than foils for the plot.

There are a few subplots carried over from A Time to Kill, like Jake still rebuilding his life three years after, but nothing that had me running back to that story to catch up; so I didn't feel like I had to read it to enjoy this.

The book is a little slow getting going though, and the climax is a little too Perry Mason (sudden new witness!) for it's own good. Also, it wasn't hard to guess what that climax would be fairly early on. An effective page-turner for the most part.