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3/5: Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven - Joe Keenan

Gilbert and Moira have a great idea: Get married for the gifts, then split it down the middle.


Piece of cake, right?


Except Gilbert is gay and Moira is an unscrupulous money-hound...whose mother is married to a Mafia boss who would be...displeased...if he found out what was going on.


This is a light and frothy work by a script-writer and producer of TV show Frasier, and it's full of the shows trademark fast wit and dead-pan repartee that really does make you laugh out loud.


Complication follows complication, and just when you think it can't get any more complex...it does, to great comic effect.


Keenan knows his stuff and works his characters hard to get them into and out of the pickle they find themselves in. It's a lot of fun.