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2/5: Putting on the Ritz

Putting on the Ritz - Joe Keenan

This is a sequel – of sorts – to Keenan's first book, Blue Heaven. I say of sorts there because the books are really stand alone. Read them in any order and you won't be out of the loop.

It's not as witty as Blue Heaven. The plot centres around a socialite who wants to re-launch her career and her billionaire husband and his business rival. There are subplots on subplots and everything twists and turns.

One of the problems with the novel is the amount of reported speech in place of dialogue. Reported speech is along the lines of: "Elsa said that she thought that Kitty was a liar. Kitty replied that if she was a liar, then Elsa was a thief."

It's easy enough to swallow in small amounts and it usually moves the plot along to more important points, but there are whole pages of reported speech, almost chapters of it with minimal dialogue.

Because of that, the characterisation falls over and it slows the pacing down to a crawl. There's also less witty one-liners and humour than Blue Heaven, and since – let's face it – that's the reason I'm reading it, it didn't help.

I was glad to get done with this one. Between this one and Blue Heaven, I'll go for Blue Heaven.