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3/5: You against Me

You Against Me - Jenny Downham

Mikey’s sister was sexually assaulted; Ellie’s brother Tom allegedly did it... But when Mikey meets Ellie, they start to fall for each other despite the problems between their families.


So this is Romeo and Juliet then?


Not quite...there was a lack of certainty for me as to whether the two of them would get together at the end. The narrative splits between the two evenly, giving them both a voice and an opinion. Despite some odd toilet moments from Mikey, it’s a strong story for both. Ellie believes her brother, and Mikey believes his sister.


There are some unusual similes  -  "A bird, with a splash of white on its chest, like milk on an oil slick.", and they carry the imagery nicely and make the book.




Once thing I didn’t get was a sense that Mikey’s sister was lying to be malicious. Tom is obviously very dangerous when crossed, and that weakened the ambiguity.

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