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3/5: UnSouled

UnSouled - Neal Shusterman

Book three of four.

Risa, Lev and Connor find different places to settle and plan their next moves…if they have one…

There are conspiracies inside secrets inside shadowy organisations at work, and not everyone realises how easily they can be manipulated.

It took me a while after I finished this to realise the characters remain static for most of the story – they find a place to rest and stay there pretty much through the whole book. It gives Shusterman a chance to develop their backstories, to dig into the characters and bring out new ones, but there's not much movement.

However, Shusterman is such a good writer, and by now I was invested in the series enough that I didn’t care. If I’d picked it up cold without knowing what was going on, it would have been a different story though.