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3/5: UnDivided

Undivided - Neal Shusterman

Book four of four.

Having a destination, Lev, Risa, Connor and Cam are on the move again. Their arcs, started four books ago, come sluggishly to a close. I plowed my way through this one. Shusterman takes his time to explore the characters and develop them right to the end. It feels like he didn't quite have enough material to stretch to four books.

I had a few problems with this one. There were a surprising number of easily spotted typos, for one thing. But more importantly, some characters who were working up to be major players were forgotten in the climax. I would have liked to have seen them standing at the end, to know how they were doing.

This is a series that was running low on steam towards the middle of book three, and it’s straining to reach a conclusion by the end. Stop at the gut punching UnWind or go no further than UnWholly.