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3/5: The End

The End (The Enemy Book 7) - Charlie Higson

The disease has left all the adults as shambling, carnivorous monsters, hungry for meat…Only the kids are left to fight and survive… (Book seven of seven)

Wow, I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time! The Enemy series has been going for quite a while now, so this has been on my radar for years. The series as a whole has been gruesome and engrossing enough to keep me coming back until I’ve finished the whole lot. I don’t think I’ve stuck with a series of seven since I read the entire Chronicles of Narnia…

It’s a shame I can’t rate it higher then. All the disparate elements of the past six books come together here…but the truth is, it’s all anti-climactic. I’m at a loss, initially, to explain why: Every character is given space to wrap up their plot lines (Even ones which started in Book One), the locations are spot on and the world building flawless.

I decided that what’s missing are the running battles with The Enemy, as it gathers its forces for one massive attack. And it’s 200 pages before they appear, 200 pages about the politics of the world the kids live in: Who wants to rule London, who wants to stay in the Tower of London and keep out of the way. Even a page on what to call The Enemy. What’s missing is the kids being in peril for their lives every other page. Not knowing who’s going to live until the next chapter is what has kept me turning the pages of the last six books.

However, when The Enemy do appear, the pacing takes off again, pulling you towards the ending. It could be argued that the climax is a deus ex Machina; certainly there’s a major character appears just in the nick of time. And the whole thing needed an epilogue, a six months later round up.

A fun and deliciously gory series, on the whole, but this one disappointed.