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2/5: The Last Orphans

The Last Orphans - N.W. Harris

A strange event makes all the animals in the world target only the adults…everyone else is left behind to try to figure out what's going on.

Harris takes a great premise and runs with it for all he's worth. The world building is nicely done, with attention to detail a plus point. The gore level is high, but not to excess, and the plot hurries along to the climax.

The book need a good brush down with an editor though. There are a few passive sentences and odd comma placements that make the prose stutter. There are also some continuity errors and physical ones: A car changes from a Honda to a Ford, a hotel with no power still needs MagCards to open the room doors.

The main character is developed solidly, but most of the other characters are flat and not given much room to grow.

This is book one of three, and the ending is an abrupt sequel hook into the second story. I won't be reading it though.