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4/5: Being, Kevin Brooks

Being - Kevin Brooks

Robert goes in for minor procedure on his stomach…but what is it that terrifies the doctors who are looking inside him?

A great thriller from Brooks. I read the 320 or so pages in about four hours, which gives you an idea of the pacing and the speed it zips along.

Robert’s reactions to what’s going on are believable and logical, and his arc through the book is nicely handled. But the villains hunting him down are mostly two dimensional, and we never discover what he is – Robert decides he is what he is, and that’s good enough. That's oddly unsatisfying.

The world building is nicely done. There are shades of Blade Runner in the almost constant rain and grim streets and grey world Robert walks and drives through (And there’s a lot of driving going on).

Only in the last third of the book does the pace slacken as Robert finds himself in Spain. The climax was pushed into the last few pages, and was predictable in hindsight (A we-could-be-a-family-when-this-is-all-over moment that means certain death for at least one character). It didn’t ruin the book or it’s enjoyment for me, though.