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Rebecca (Virago Modern Classics)

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman On a trip to Cornwall in 1999, I walked from St Austell to Fowey, passing - without realising it - Menabilly (Manderley) and the cabin and the beach mentioned in the book. I didn't realise what they were until I read this a few years later, so it was a strange surprise to see it so accurately described. (As well as walking right past the original setting for The Birds...). I had no idea Daphne Du Maurier lived so close to where I was walking.I think Rebecca is the only book I've ever read where a living character is more of a ghost than a dead one. The narrator is never named other than 'the second Mrs DeWinter' and is almost transparent, hidden by the long and dark shadow of Rebecca.It's a book I keep meaning to pick up again now I know a little more about it and I know what I'm getting into. It passed into my head and then out again pretty quickly, much as the second Mrs DeWinter does, leaving only shadows.