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On Writing

On Writing - Stephen King I was thinking about trying my hand at writing a few years ago, and at the library where my wife worked, they had a copy of OW. I dipped into it while I waited for her to finish work, then dipped into it again...and again...Eventually I borrowed it and read it cover to cover. Then I bought a copy and read it cover to cover.Then I started writing. Uncle Steve gave me the confidence to start, the confidence to know that everyone sucks when they start, everyone struggles. But he said, in warm words, almost whispering in my ear: "Do it anyway."And here I am, short stories still coming at regular intervals, four books under my belt and most of the way through a fifth. Killing all those adverbs, leaving my manuscripts for six weeks until I pick them up again.So thank you to Mr King. Thank you for finding the right buttons to push to get me started and for giving me the confidence to continue. Stephen King must have been one hell of a teacher when it was his day job. He still is.