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BZRK - Michael Grant A war breaks out between two competing camps for control of the human race...the hook is, the war is taking placing at the nanotech level, way beyond our naked eye resolution.I'm interested in the microbial vision of a human being, the whole concept of humans being an entire eco-system, a walking rainforest...something we should marvel at, rather than be disgusted by, I believe. But I could see why the operators of the nano would go insane. Google "Demodex" and see how many eggs are being laid in your eyelashes...right as you read this. I found a lovely picture showing three of them shoved head first inside an eyelash pore, sucking off dead skin cells. So...sleep well...what with all the dust mites chewing merrily away on your skin as well. Itching yet?Anyway, despite the profanity and the hard-to-get past grossness of the human body at the micro scale, this was an enjoyable take on an old spy vs spy cold war thriller. Definitely one for the older end of the YA market.