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Bloodtide - Melvin Burgess Bloodtide is a retelling of a 13 century Icelandic saga (Volsunga, if you're interested!), set in a future London ruled by two rival gangs. One of the ganglords wants to make peace with the other and offers his daughter as part of a treaty, but the treaty is a ruse and war breaks out.It's a hard book to pin down. I read it to the end eagerly, the pace was all right and the story original (if you could call a 13th century story original!) enough, but something was missing. Perhaps the humanity of the characters. Everyone but one character was just out for themselves, valuing nothing but blind obedience and seeking power over a wasted land. Although, to be fair, that was the message of the book - these people are stripped of their humanity in a battle to survive, without any of them asking themselves what price a victory when everything you fought over is blasted and dead. If you lose your humanity fighting, what do you gain when you win?The book was split into two parts, and the writing style of the second was markedly different from the first. The level of profanity increased, as did the violence and descriptions of violence. I almost wonder if one part of the book was ghost-written. There are chapters told from the point of view of the 'halfmen', whose thoughts and inner monologue are almost too thick to follow fluently...like Burgess was trying to hard to capture something about them, and failed.Also, the ending was abrupt; without seeing if there's a second book - which I don't really want to read - I'd have liked to have seen an epilogue.An interesting read, but somehow unsatisfying.