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Review: 2/5 (Marked spoiler)

The Night She Disappeared - April Henry

It's obvious that April Henry does her research and plots out her books with great detail from the little notes and dropped in sections ("What you should do if your child is kidnapped" leaflet, that sort of thing).

Short chapters kept me turning the pages to see what was happening next, and the changing POV kept it all moving. The characters were all nicely fleshed out, each with complete backstories. Nothing got in the way of the plot to slow it down.





What was a nice touch was that the kidnapper wasn't someone they knew, the obvious suspects nothing more than red herrings. The kidnapping really was a random chance.




The ending felt a bit too much Deus Ex Machina though, and went by too fast for it to sustain much tension.

And I REALLY would have liked to have seen that psychic talk her way out of what happened.