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The Death Cure - review (Spoilers)

The Death Cure (Maze Runner Series) - James Dashner

This is the third and last part of a trilogy, and it was really starting to drag. No questions are really answered that haven't been covered in the second book, and some are ignored all together. For instance: The Gladers receive tattoos in the second book, but nothing is done with it in this book, and they're never mentioned, not even as backstory. The Group B introduced in book two are dropped and forgotten.


The book runs for the most part like this: plan something, drive through some diseased people (The Cranks), the plan goes wrong for a chapter or two - but straightens itself out enough for the heroes to escape. Drive somewhere else through some Cranks. Repeat until the end of the book.


By the end, editing mistakes were creeping in. Thomas has his eyes closed, but sees a doctor smiling at him. He can't move but clenches his fists...then a sentence later: "His ability to move was coming back." Tell me that BEFORE you have him move, please.

And the ending. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. {shakes head}


The Gladers walk through a flat trans to "somewhere green". Where? Heaven? Mars? Hawaii? Deus Ex Machina, anyone?


Some of the writing seemed patronising as well - just because you're writing for teenagers doesn't mean you have to write LIKE a teenager. "Loads of sunshine came through the clear glass roof." {wince}


Nothing is done with Teresa. She's dropped back to being a secondary character anyway, and her death at the end of the book doesn't have any emotional impact and is quickly moved over.


Needed a lot of work, and you can really stop at book two and not miss a thing.