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Resist (Breathe #2) - Sarah Crossan

Resist is the sequel to Breathe. The resistance against the controllers of the pod has been crushed, and the book picks up the storyline immediately after.


I had the same problems and praise for this as I did for the first in the series: The world-building is excellent, the premise is great. What pulls it down is the chapter-head hopping and the similar voices of the different narrators. Give me a section of this as an extract and I won’t be able to tell if it's Alina or Bea without the chapter heading.


As a result, nothing moved me or pushed me one way or the other. I think this also needs to be read back-to-back with the first book without a gap. There was a lot of name dropping from the first book that made me feel like I'd missed something.


Not a bad book by any means, but the constant jumping and the catch-up pulled me out of the story instead of dragging me in.